Leo Beckett
Created by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran

LEO BECKETT is a former cop now making his money out of gambling and occasional private eye work in Cardiff, Wales in the limited BBC One series Dirty Work. The "dirty work" in question are the sort of nasty cases he takes on that the police really don't want to touch.

This is not a shiny happy kind of series. As if the cases weren't bad enough, Leo's personal life is also a little on the dark side -- his girlfriend Rhiannon is the former wife of his best friend Tubes. and Tubes is dying of cancer.Dirty Work - starring Robert Glenister, Neil Pearson and Suzanne Packer. the buzz has it that Cardiff was portrayed in a fairly realistic contemporary light, and that the show offered a relatively fresh take on the well worn role of the private eye, at least as far as television goes.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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