Sam Beckett
Created by John B. Lawrence

"The gunman walked over and fired again into his cheek, blew a ragged hole in the jaw; the body jerked, flopped over onto its back, arms outstretched. The gunman stood looking down, finally leaned over and spat into the bloody face."
--from "Mouthpiece"

One of pulpster John B. Lawrence's over-hard-boiled eyes, SAM BECKETT runs the Sam Beckett Private Inquiry Agency in New York, in a string of brutal,bloody stories in the pages of Dime Detective during the thirties. It's typical Lawrence fare, with loads of gunplay, fistfights, sloppy writing, nasty violence and plots you could float the big honkin' armored car through. Cheese, to be sure, but what cheese! Another of Lawrence's pulp heroes, ace newsie Barton Black, even shows up in one story, "The Torso Trap," to lend a hand.

Lawrence is probably best known for his tales of The Broadway Squad, the most ruthless, vicious gang of thugs to ever pin on badges in the pulps. He also found the time to create two other private eyes, Cass Blue and Joey Sapphire.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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