Luke Baynard, Private Dick
Created by Roland R. Peach

One of those ubitiquious self-published trade paperbacks, most likely doomed to obscurity, with a lame title and a god-awful cover to match, Luke Baynard... Private Dick is billed as "a comedy drama with adult overtones."

Apparently, LUKE BAYNARD, a British private eye created by Ronald R. Peach, is hired to investigate some strange goings on at a theatre, but will he be able to "resist the temptations of women and drink long enough to solve the case"?

I have no idea if this is worth buying or not, but every few six months it seems someone asks me to list it on my site.

Usually the author.

Then again, what do I know. There was a follow-up, At the Beethorpe, published in 2009, and the author assures me it's doing well.

Well, at least the cover (pictured) is a vast improvement.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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