Duncan Ames

Created by Kirby Farrell

Although he considers himself a NY P. I., DUNCAN AMES ends up in Boston in his two outings. It makes a good excuse, I guess, for him to visit his daughter, Rachel, who lives there.

Rachel's the child of a previous marriage. His current amour is Vera, a transplanted Brit who also works as his partner. together they handle "mostly business fraud."

Poor Duncan's a little schizoid. He fancies himself a wit, and spends his spare time working on his ultralight (and environmentally-friendly) aircraft that he keeps stored in a friend's loft. He gets along pretty well with most folks, including his ex-wife, and he's working on his relationship with Rachel, who's heavily into teen angst these days. But, despite his attempts to be a warm, caring, modern age kinda guy who's "always there" for you, he gets a little shaky on the ethics front occasionally. He cheats on Vera, encourages a woman to sleep with a suspect to get the goods on him, and he never says "no" to a little B&E, wiretapping or tampering with evidence.

I had hoped that Vera would straighten him out, because Duncan definitely needed a guiding hand, and this series looked like it could have gone places. Duncan, for all his foibles, was an interesting character. But the two novels never even made it into paperback.


Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer and Kevin Burton Smith.

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