Albie Marx
Created by David Debin

The sixties might be over, but middle-aged hippie ALBIE MARX is still fighting the good fight, constantly on guard against "The Man," and doing his best to keep free love from dying out. while working as an investigative reporter for Up Yours, a weekly altermative magazine in Southern California.

It's a constant struggle for wise-cracking Albie, trying to get along in the real world without compromising. His editor may look like a biker, and the juke box at his favorite watering hole, The Rock, may contain no music recorded after 1969, but his son is a confirmed yuppie and more than a little embarrassed by his social dinosaur of a father.

Fortunately, there's a lot of Groucho in this refugee from the Summer of Love.

David Debin, a screenwriter, has written three mysteries about Albie so far.


Respectfully submitted by David Nobriga.

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