Nick Acropolis
Created by Jack Clark

In Westerfield's Chain, an impressive (and Shamus-nominated debut), NICK ACROPOLIS is an former Chicago cop now working as private eye, working low-level cases, mostly insurance cases. But looking into a routine traffic incident invovling an off-duty cop, Nick stumbles upon more than he bargained for, including a giant insurance scam that apprently involves a chain of drug stores (hence the title), medical malpractice, welfare fraud, corruption in high places, crooked cops, several missing persons and that old stand-by: murder.

Nick's an appealling character, a jaded, disenchanted cop who left the force under a cloud (shades of television's Hack!), who doesn't particularly enjoy his new career looking into a seemingly endless string of boring fender benders. But happy camper or not, he is shrewd investigator, stubborn enough to follow a lead, no matter how minor it seems, and tough enough not to back down.

Even better are Clark's clean, straight-on prose style, his strong evocation of some of Chicago's less-than-tony neighbourhoods, and his deft hand at characterization -- even minor characters come vividly to life. A series to watch.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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