Oscar "The Duke" Ramsey
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Yet another Stephen J. Cannell-produced PI show that flopped.

38-year old Chicago prizefighter OSCAR "THE DUKE" RAMSEY decides the prizes he's fighting for just ain't worth it no more (plus he got his ass kicked by an oppenent half his age).

So he decides to quit the ring and concentrate on running Duke and Benny's Corner, a bar and grill. When Benny gets himself taken out, The Duke swings into action, solving the murder, and finding himself with a new occupation, private eye. Hovering around were Joe Cadiilac, a slick young bookie, Dedra Smith, a jet setter with the hots for the Duke and Sgt. O'Brien, his pal on the force.

With connections on both sides of the law and a popular actor, Robert Conrad, playing the lead, it seemed like a natural.

It wasn't. The show headed straight to Palookaville, only lasting a pilot and four episodes.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Special thanks to Glen DeCosta, who appeared, uncredited, in "Long And Thin, Lorna Lynn" for his help.

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