Jonny Double
Created by Len Wein and Marv Wolfman

One seemingly obscure classic comic book P.I. of the last few decades who's demonstrated surprisng staying power was idealistic but poor private eye JONNY DOUBLE, created by DC writer Len Wein and Marv Wolfman. Jonny made his first appearance in DC Showcase #78, way back in 1968. Jack Sparling did the art for that one.

He then made occasional appearances in other DC titles, including an arc in the Kobra mini-series where, while working a case, he stumbles across a plot to destroy San Francisco. And he even had a little thing with Wonder Woman at one point. But definitely a relatively minor character in the DC universe.

But someone must have remembered him, because in 1998, DC Comics, under their Vertigo imprint, brought back Johnny, thirty years older, in a rock-solid four-issue mini-series, with the still down-on-his-luck, but older and hopefully wiser, private eye after a group of hackers and punks who are after Al Capone's money. After all, Capone's long gone, and he doesn't need it anymore, right?.

Len Wein, who's probably best known in the comics world for creating Swamp Thing, is also responsible for Christopher Chance,The Human Target, a bodyguard who masquerades as the potential victim to draw fire. Evidently, that was the original plan for Jonny, which explains the last name.

Marv Wolfman, meanwhile, is often cited as having created more characters, from the New Teen Titans to Blade, the Vampire Hunter, that have been adapted into movies, TV and animation than any other comics writer with the exception of Stan Lee.




Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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