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A Crime Letter From Dan Dodge ran on ABC network radio for only about four months, sponsored by Prom Home Permanent and White Rain Shampoo. This 30 minute program aired Friday nights at 8 pm from the studios of WJZ in New York City. It began on October 24, 1952 and went off the air in late February 1953.

It was virtually a carbon copy of The Adventures of Sam Spade and every episode started (and ended) with Dodge dictating a crime letter, or case summary, to his secretary. Like Sam Spade, Dodge called all his cases "capers"and he had a brash, humorous approach to crime. Myron McCormick played Dan Dodge and the detective's secretary, Susie, was the voice of Shirley Eggleston.

McCormick, a veteran radio actor, was in the cast of quite a few soap operas (including Joyce Jordan and Portia Faces Life) but he had also done comedy and adventure drama for several New York programs. And from 1947 to 1948, he had the title lead in The Adventures of Christopher Wells . Eggleston had a featured role on Valiant Lady and was on many other soap operas. The director, Charles Irving, was also an actor, and had played many roles, including "Tex Mason" on Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders.

Only one aircheck has survived, which was preserved by Eggleston, although its whereabouts as of 2004 is uncertain. However, the first three minutes of that episode, aired in a March 1972 broadcast interview of Eggleston, exists and can be downloaded from Jim Widner's web site in MP3 format.




Contributed by Jack French.

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