Beyond the Pulps:

The Slicks, the Digests, the Mystery Mags & On-Line

The Slicks: Non-Mystery Magazines
Before, during, and after the pulps, you could still find (if you looked really hard) various general-interest magazines, printed on glossy paper and everything (which is why they were called the slicks) that published some good stuff. The master has to be The Saturday Evening Post, an American Institution that lasted from 1821 until 1969. Perhaps the last great bastion of genre fiction in general interest magazines is Playboy (which no doubt accounts for its popularity).

Mystery Fiction


After the pulps died out, there were few places for short story writers, particularly those of a hard-boiled bent, to sell their wares. Fortunately, there were a few outlets left, mostly digests that, for the most part, published everything from cozies to hardcore noir in the same issue. Suddenly, readers had to work to find the good stuff. Most lasted only a few years, but a handful lasted long enough to have a major impact, and a few are still going strong, with new contenders popping up every now and then, aided greatly with the digital DIY boom of the 1990s onward..

Now everyone can be an author or a writer or a critic or an editor. No skill required.

Several magazines and ezines have attempted to combine non-fiction along with fiction, including reviews and news in the genre. Titles marked in bold are currently being published... I think.

The Crime Mags: Mystery Non-fiction
As well, there have been several newsletters, newszines and magazines devoted to non-fiction. Many of these have at times featured short stories, but their primary focus has been on interviews, reviews, bibliographies and such.

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