Harry James Denton
Created by Steven Womack

"That's "Doctor Babe" to you."
- Harry's girlfriend, Marsha,
advises him on the proper way to address her

Former newspaperman HARRY JAMES DENTON is a Nashville cat who now makes his daily bread as a low-rent Nashville, picking up whatever crumbs he can, be it repo work, workmen's comp fraud cases or other not-so-thrilling things, waiting for that big case, in this well-received, Edgar Award-winning series.

Nashville-born and bred, Harry went east to get himself an education, and then returned to his hometown to assume a career as a hot shot reporter. But it was not to be. A little practical joke backfired, and suddenly Harry was out on the street. Broke, unemployed, and recently divorced, with very few job skills other than a nose for trouble, Harry set himself up as a private eye in the obligatory rundown office in the obligatory rundown building, bought a clunker Ford Escort, moved into a boarding house and got to work.

Well, he tries, anyhow. He makes do, taking whatever will keep him out of the poorhouse. One of his best clients is his pal Lonnie, a failed country singer turned computer whiz, junkman and repo man who often hires Harry to help out on particularly tricky reposession jobs.

Another person who helps to keep Harry at least emotionally above water is the lovely, but slightly hinky, Marsha, his new girlfriend and assistant coroner. She drives a black Porsche whose license plate reads "DED FLKS".

An appealing kinda guy with simple tastes, Harry doesn't need much to keep himself happy. Marsha, maybe some of Mrs. Lee's Szechuan chicken, and, every now and then, a parking space for his clunker seem to be the things that keep Harry going.

The down-on-his-heels schtick may not be all that original, but Womack does a good job of keeping things moving. He's also responsible for the adventures of New Orleans P.R. flack/fixer Jack Lynch, also recommended.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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