Nick Delvecchio

Created by Robert Randisi (1951--)

Classic P.I. fiction. With the works.

Robert Randisi's hot dog-loving private eye NICK DELVECCHIO hails from BrooklynSure, his buddiestell him things are greener on the other side of the bridge, but Nick keeps it real with an office on Sacket Street, just a short walk from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Of Nick's first appearance in novel form, 1987's No Exit From Brooklyn, Dean Koontz said "This is the hard-boiled detective story as it ought to be." You won't get much disagreement from me. This is primo stuff.

Although he's probably better known for the five million westerns he's written, Randisi is, of course, the founder of The Private Eye Writers of America, and is also responsible for Manhattan-based P.I. Miles Jacoby, New York Racing Commission investigator Henry Po and most recently, the popular Rat Pack series featuring Vegas floor boss and casino troubleshooter Eddie G. They're all equally good, and equally recommended.



  • "The Snaphaunce" (Fall 1985, Hardboiled)
  • "Like a Stranger" (1985, Hardboiled #2)
  • "A Matter of Ethics" (1987, The Black Lizard Anthology)
  • "The Vanishing Virgin" (1988, An Eye For Justice)
  • "Double Edge" (1989, Deadly Doings)
  • "Turnabout" (1993, Deadly Allies)
  • "Laying Down to Die", from (1994, Deadly Allies II)
  • "A Favor For Sam" (1998, Private Eyes)
  • "The Old Dons" (1999, Shots)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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