Sean Delany

Created by James Sallis

"He's a detective. Specializes in finding people,
and he's damn good at it."

Quiet, self-assured, polite, yet coldly-efficient SEAN DELANY is a West Texas private eye with a good rep.

"Lots who do the same kind of work, say there's no one better." That's according to a homicide cop that refers Delany to a father looking for his daughter's killer in "Blue Devils," a powerful little 1996 short story, and his only appearance that I've come across. The cop goes on to tell the father that Delany' not just "the best in the state... (he's) the best, period."

Author James Sallis is best known for his Lew Griffin books, as well as being the author of numerous collections of short fiction, essays, poems, musicology, a biography of Chester Himes, and several other books. Delany is a welcome addition to the canon.


  • "Blue Devils" (August 1996, AHMM)


Includes "Blue Devils," plus the novels Death Will Have Your Eyes and Renderings, as well as severall short stories, poems, personal essays and a few articles on other crime writers, including Patricia Highsmith and Gerald Kersh.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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