Nestor Dark

Created by Arthur Rosenfeld

Here's a switch! A private eye that doesn't work for the money.

Former NYPD SWAT sharpshooter NESTOR DARK quit the ranks of New York's finest when a wealthy uncle keeled over, leaving him more money than he could shake a stick at. But Nestor misses police work, and even shaking a stick at a few million or so eventually bores him, so he sets himself up as a sort of pro bono P.I., taking only cases that interest him.

Picture Bruce Wayne without the Bat thing, and you're halfway there.

Introduced in Dark Money (1992), the series' has a sort of quirky and far-fetched but earnest charm, and the second book, Dark Tracks (also 1992), takes a big dip into the "interesting pool" when the multimillionaire gumshoe puts up the dough for his boyhood friend's search for the possibly extinct Tasmanian tiger. But when his old chum is murdered, Dark heads for the wilds of Australia to track down the killer.

There were supposed to be four books in the series, but the last two were never released.

On his web site, the author paints himself as a "critically acclaimed novelist, journalist, inspirational coach and teacher applies Eastern philosophy to everyday living."

Whatever. He's also the creator of Max Diamond, a motorcycle-riding, martial-arts-practicing, cigar-loving United States Postal Inspector who lives in Miami and appeared in the 2001 novel, Diamond Eye, purportedly "The first and only novel ever to be sold by the United States Federal Government!" Since then, he's changed his name, becoming a tai chi master who goes by the name of Yunrou.



The author's offical site which used to feature his crime novels, now concentrating on his new life as tai chi master,Yunrou.

Millionaire Eyes

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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