Roy Dameron

Created by Jim French

"Dameron - his home the streets of the world; his profession the jobs nobody else can do. Dameron goes anywhere, solves any problem - for a price."

In Dameron, a radio drama from the 1970s, which aired on the Golden West Radio Network (owned by radio's singing cowboy, Gene Autry), ROY DAMERON is a high-priced international trouble-shooter. Emil is his assistant; variously described as a cook, a chemist, and a general factotum.

Most Dameron episodes follow typical detective plots -- masquerading as someone else or solving or preventing a crime. In one episode, Dameron must stop the bombing of the Vietnam War Peace Talks in Paris. Dameron uses his wits to solve his cases, he doesn't carry or own a gun.

About five years later, creator (and writer and director) Jim French went on to create the long-running The Adventures of Harry Nile. The man who played Dameron, Robert E. Lee Hardwycke, was a radio personality and DJ at KVI - I believe he was the morning man there for much of the 1970's and perhaps into the early 1980's.


    (1972-73, KVI/Seattle, Golden West Radio Network)
    49 episodes
    First broadcast: September 26, 1972
    Last broadcast: September 18, 1973
    Director: Jim French
    Writer: Jim French
    Starring Robert E. Lee hardwycke as ROY DAMERON
    and Douglas Young as Emil


Stewart Wright's behind-the-scenes discussion with the creator of Dameron and The Adventures of Harry Nile, focussing on the latter show.

Respectfully submitted by Stewart Wright.

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