Matthew Dain

Created By Christopher Mills

From Stephen King country comes thirty-something ("Too young to be called a baby boomer and too old for Generation X") private eye MATTHEW AARON DAIN. Matt walks the not-so-mean streets of Portland, Maine, although his work (and his personal life, such as it is) takes him all over the Pine Tree State and much of northern New England.

Returning to Maine following a short stint in the Army as an MP, Dain accidentally drifted into PI work after trying his hand at a series of "odd jobs" -- repo man, skip tracer, security guard, and bouncer. Finally, a nagging fear of the IRS drove him to find something to put on his tax form under "occupation," so he decided to get himself a private investigator's license. Of course, even with that state-issued piece of paper in his wallet, he's still doing the same sort of odd jobs.

Just shy of six feet tall, with dark brown hair and a "somewhat satanic" goatee, Dain drives the vintage red Mustang covertible that belonged to his late father. When working, he carries a 9mm Browning Hi-Power automatic pistol. He's single, doesn't smoke, drinks light beer, plays guitar (badly), listens to blues music, and should probably cut back on the fast-food cheeseburgers and have a salad once in a while.

Dain has appeared in only short stories to date, published online (on this site, in fact), but as long as people keep asking for them, author Mills intends to keep writing them. Mills is also the creator of the supernatural private eye Gideon King, (a.k.a. The Nightmark), which was a regular feature of the comic book series Shadow House, and is currently working on the Femme Noir web comic with veteran comics artist (and co-creator of classic comic P.I. Mike Mauser) Joe Staton.


  • "You ask me, these are some of the best stories we've ever run on this site. So, enough with the fake covers, Chris. Write some more damn stories!"

-- Kevin Burton Smith


Character bio and faux cover contributed by Chris Mills.

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