Harry Crumb
Created by Robert Conte and Peter Martin Wortmann

"I'm my own Crumb."

Not as crumby as you might think.

John Candy played HARRY CRUMB, a bumbling but likable private detective with a penchant for disguises and tooting his own horn, called in to work a kidnapping job he's not supposed to solve in Who's Harry Crumb?, a minor but occasionally entertaining comedy from 1989.

Of course, as one character puts it, Harry is "a complete and utter idiot," But naturally Harry fancies himself something of a detective genius and is prone to pompously spouting little nuggets of wisdom for the enlightenment of all.

Full of real groaners, lots of physical comedy, and a few surprising outbursts of true wit and heart make this yet another (failed) vehicle for Candy's immense talents. Candy was about the best (some would say only) thing going for the flick, but that may be more than enough for some fans.

Get it for the kids, and pretend to read the paper.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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