Franco Corti
Created by Peter Inchbald

Scotland Yard Art and Antiques Squad detective FRANCO CORTI rises through three books to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector before going private in his fourth, and final recorded adventure. Tough, tormented, neither all Italian nor all Engligh, Corti is an offbeat and complex character.

Trying to forget his Italian past, Franco changes his name toFrank Short (Corti is the Italian equivalent of Short--note the titles of the first three books in the series) in the second novel in the series, 1981's The Sweet Short Grass. But his heritage won't be denied, and happiness isn't quite so easily attained, it seems. In the final book in the series, Or the Bambino Dies, disenchanted with police work, Corti quits the police department to set up a detective agency with an old friend.

Author Peter Inchbald studied at the Royal Academy and has painted and sculpted professionally at one time or another, when not distracted by family business. His knowledge and love of art are shared with his detective.


Thanks to Guy Inchbald, the author's son, for his help with this one.

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