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Velda, Girl Detective
Velda Goes on a Treasure Hunt
by Raoul Molnar

Everyone's favourite stripper-turned-private eye, Ron Miller's Velda Bellinghausen, made her debut right here on The Thrilling Detective Web Site. The statuesque sleuth has since appeared in a novel, several more short stories, comics, pin-up calendars and even a Better Little Book Day. So it seems only right that she returns to these pages to help us celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2005 (that's May 7, 2005, for those of you keeping score), with this exclusive sneak preview from the upcoming third big issue of Black Cat Comics' Velda, Girl Detective, written and drawn by legendary comic artist Raoul Molnar.

To view this exclusive story, simply click on the image below, and download or view the Adobe Acrobat pdf file. Of course, you'll need Adobe Acrobat, but if you don't have a copy, it's available for free by clicking the link below.

Comic and and Velda copyright © Ron Miller.


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