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Femme Noir
"Chambers of Horror" Part 27
by Christopher Mills & Joe Staton

FINALLY!!! Thrilling Detective Web Comics is proud (and relieved) to present the final installment of the third big Femme Noir story ac, "Chambers of Horror," written and drawn by Christopher Mills and Joe Staton.

Her name is Femme Noir, and she's a very private private eye who works the mean streets and bloody alleys of a city where crime and corruption are the status quo and the nights seem to last forever. Take a midnight stroll with her down the rain-slick streets of Port Nocturne, where the smell of gunpowder hangs in the air like cheap perfume, where every dark alley comes to a dead end, where adversary and ally are but temporary distinctions, and ... justice is blonde.

And so concludes the third big story arc "Chambers of Horror," proudly presented in conjunction with the good folks at Supernatural Crime and that "other" Kevin Smith's

Want more? We've left this up as a taste, but you can catch up on previous installments by heading on over to the official Femme Noir page. And if that ain't enough, why not check out Chris and Joe's The Dingus?

Or wait just a little longer. It's taken seven years or so, but the Femme Noir comic book miniseries is now a reality, slated for publication in April or May 2008 by Ape Entertainment, out of San Diego.

Script, Colors & Letters by Christopher Mills. Pencils & Inks by Joe Staton.
Cartoon and logo are copyright © of Christopher Mills & Joe Staton.
Femme Noir is also featured at Supernatural Crime. The Crimeboss says, "Be there or else!"


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