Young King Cole
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One of the lost comic books private eyes, and a surprisingly successful one, at that, was YOUNG KING COLE, JR., the "detective agency mastermind." Cole appeared in his own comic book for several years, and appeared sporadically in other publications as well. Mild-mannered, bespectacled, sporting a bow tie, it wasn't hard to think of Cole as the CLARK KENT of private eyes.

However, Cole didn't slip into a convenient phone booth and come out slugging. His adventures tended to be as mild-mannered Cole himself, avoiding violence and bloodshed. And, like most private eyes of the time, Cole was assisted in his adventures by a faithful secretary/Gal Friday. Iris was her name and she stuck by Cole through thick and thin.

As well as Cole, YOUNG KING COLE featured several other features. These included Toni Gayle, "glamorous detective model"; FOXY, "Office Boy in the Detective Bureau"; LARRY BRIDERICK, "City Detective"; HOMER K. BEAGLE "The Demon Detective"; and DR. DOOM, "the resourceful professor of criminology." I have no idea, though, if these were private eyes, cops, amateur sleuths or even if their creators knew. Continuity wasn't exactly a buzzword in comics back then....


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