Philippe Clerc
Created by Patrick Raynal

PHILIPPE CLERC isn't a private detective (he is a tiny bit crooked insurer) but he sure acts like one. The beginnig of Fenetres sur femmes is in the best PI tradition: a pretty young lady comes into Clerc's office and asks him to set her house on fire. He naturally refuses to start a fire. Nevertheless the house is set on fire and there is a tied corpse in the debris: the young lady. A classic Chandler-style mystery in the Riviera city of Nice. Much of the pleasure in reading him comes through an appreciation of his style and his play with language. His portrayal of life in Nice is also interesting, and an example of how the (French) mystery has moved to the regions.

Author Raynal has been a journalist for Nice-Matin, and a mystery critic for the French daily, Le Monde. Since 1991 he has been editorial director of one of La Serie Noire. He is also a co-creator, along with Jean-Bernard Pouy and Serge Quadruppani of Le poulpe.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Marcel Bernadac for the lead.

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