Created by Jesse Sublett (1954 --)

CLAPTON's a hard-as-nails gumshoe from the City of Angels, in a series of short stories that are "wildly plotted and written with pulpish gusto," according to Jon L. Breen in the July 1998 issue of EQMM.

Author Sublett has also written about rock'n'roll sometime-P.I. Martin Fender.

Hmmm... Clapton... Fender... do I spot a trend here?

But that only scratches the rock'n'roll surface. Sublett's own life sounds like one of his novels. Upon his return to Austin from an out-of-town gig in the summer of 1976, the then-20-year-old singer-songwriter discovered his girlfriend's murdered body, and was eventually the cops' prime suspect -- until he cleared his name by -- get this -- solving the case for them. He went on to co-found the legendary Austin punk band The Skunk, moved to Los Angeles to write screenplays and crime novels, and fought off a rare form of throat cancer. The whole sordid and often moving tale of his life was revealed in his 2004 autobiography, Never the Same Again.


  • "Teflon Babe" (1992; Gryphon Double Novel #2)
  • "I Love My Gun" (1992; Gryphon Double Novel #6)
  • "Easiest Money I Ever Made" (1993, Hardboiled #15)
  • "The Kill Spot" (1996; Gryphon Double Novel #12)
  • "Deader Than Hell (1998; )Gryphon Double Novel #16

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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