Charlie Parker
Created by Connie Shelton

CHARLIE PARKER (not to be confused with John Connolly's similarly monickered P.I.) and her brother, Ron, run a private detective ageny in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Not that Charlie, as she's quick to point out, especially early in the series, is necessarily inclined to this sort of work. She's a CPA, and is still at times reluctant about her current occupation.

Later on in this semi-cozy series, she marries a firefighter, and despite the stamp of approval from the World's Number One Syntax-challenged Online Reviewer, they're actually quite entertaining. Shelton offers intriguing characters, clever and inventive plots and just enough grit and wit to avoid the pitfalls of many a long-running series.

Charlie's creator, Connie Shelton, is a commercial hot air balloon pilot, and holds the world altitude record for a size AX-4 balloon. She is also a former bookstore owner and small press publisher. She has served as president of her local writers group and is active in Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America. Shelton is also a frequent speaker at writing and publishing conferences.


  • “The best of the series. Memories Can Be Murder demonstrates Connie Shelton’s talent as the audience will find a night with Charlie is an exciting evening.”
    -- Harriet Klausner



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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