Created by Paul Magwood

The 1972 flick Chandler stars Warren Oates as a tired, almost down-and-out private eye named CHANDLER ("as in Raymond" his character explains for those of you who are hard of thinking), who falls in love with the ex-mistress of racketeer he's been hired to protect.

The film was panned by the few who ever saw it, with words like "messy," "sloppy," "ridiculous," "lethargic" and "incomprehensible" being tossed about, but as one of the few films where cult character actor fave Warren Oates got top billing, some fans may get a kick out of it.


I haven't seen it.


  • "Sub-standard"

-- Leonard Maltin's TV Movies and Video Guide


  • CHANDLER....Buy this DVD
    88 minutes
    Story by Paul Magwood
    Screenplay by John Sacret Young
    Directed by Paul Magwood
    Starring Warren Oates as CHANDLER
    Also starring Alex Dreir, Gloria Grahame, Mitchell Ryan, Leslie Caron, Gordon Pinsent, Charles McGra, Richard Loo, Scatman Crothers

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