B.F. Cage
Created by Peter Israel (pseud. of J. Leon Israel)

Presenting the PI as draft dodger. Ex-patriot American eye B.F. "CAGEY" CAGE sends greeting from France, where he's been holed up since the end of the first novel in this series. Originally from Yakima, Washington, B.F. (stands for Benjamin franklin) split home the day he finished high school, with dreams of seeing the world, and maybe becoming a private detective. ASnd, oh, yes, avoiding the draft (seems a little "police action" was going on in Korea). Well, after hanging around California, laying pipe in Arizona and going bust in Vegas, he decided to join the army anyway, or, as he puts it "Let's join the fucking army and get it over with."

So, off B.F. goes to Korea, only to become a P.O.W. for a few years. So he signs a few anti-American documents while he's a prisoner. So he's finally released, returned home and presented with a dishonorable discharge. So he's finding it a bit hard to land a PI ticket. So he goes into business for himself, as a specialist in "Public Relations." And eventually ends up in France, living in semi-retirement, off stolen stock certificates in the bridal suite of a small hotel off the Germain-des-Prés, and indulging in his penchant for Air France stewardesses.

He's nasty, cynical, corrupt, willing to lie, cheat and steal. He dislikes Americans, and doesn't seem too fond of the citizens in his adopted homeland, either. "Therorize until you're blue in the face....I still say, the fucking French."

Gee, what a lovable guy.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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