Morgan Butler
Created by David Anthony (pseud. of William Dale Smith)

In his first book appearance, 1969's The Midnight Lady and the Mourning Man, David Anthony's sleuth MORGAN BUTLER is a campus security officer at Jordan College in Jordan City, Ohio. He investigates a burglary that develops into the murder of a coed. The book was subsequently was made into a Universal film, The Midnight Man (1974), starring Burt Lancaster, who also co-directed, co-wrote and co-produced. By most accounts, the film's not exactly Burt's best. for some reason, Morgan Butler's name was changed to "Jim Slade."

By Morgan's second book, Blood on a Harvest Moon (1972), he has retired to a life of farming, but agrees to take an important case for his ex-wife. Her current husband has been murdered.

Anthony is also the author of another PI, Stan Bass, who we fortunately know a little more about.



Report respectfully submitted by David Nobriga, with additional info from Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Big Al Hubin for the well-deserved whack on the head.

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