George Bulman
Created by Kenneth Royce

GEORGE BULMAN was one of the more bizarre private eyes to make it onto television, at times reaching almost Dickensian proportions. He was fond of quoting Shakespeare, wore gloves and a scarf all the times, carried a plastic shopping bag, suffered a perpetual cold which had him sucking on an inhaler most of the time, and seemed to to an inordinate amount of time repairing clocks and adjusting his gold-rimmed "Edwardian" glasses. He first appeared in a British film The XYZ Man, as a rather peculiar police officer. That was spun off into an ITV police drama, The Strangers, which ran from 1978-82, with Detective Sergeant Bulman rising through the ranks, despite his highly individual, unorthodox ways, to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector.

Three years later, George returned, having resigned from the force, to set himself up as the owner of a small shop specializing in clock repair. Helping out was Lucy McGinty, the daughter of a old cop buddy, who has studied criminology, and was always after George to investigate some crime or another.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Big Al Hubin for a few leads on this one.

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