Peter B. Bruck
Created by Robert Iles

According to his creator, PETER B. BRUCK's "1950s Manhattan private eye with a fourth-floor office on lower Broadway, and a secretary, Ella, who is as puritanical--and lucious--as he is lascivious. Bruck's a calm (to the point of laziness), full-of-humor, brainy guy. Ella's constantly Bruck that he's gotta earn some moolah to pay the bills--especially her pay cheque."

File Bruck under Screwball: his first-person accounts of cases carom all over the place, as interesting cases practically climb through the window to find him. Like the time a circus trick rider hires our hero to find out who shot his meal ticket, or Horse and Chester, two leg-breakers for Jackie Conn...well, you get the idea....

Robert Iles is a professional writer who switched from writing medical articles and books to write what he likes best, detective fiction. So far, Iles has written a dozen or so (and counting) stories in a series he calls The Adventures of Peter B. Bruck, Private Investigator.


Arranged in the sequence of his biography, not in the sequence of publication, by the author:


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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