Peter Braid
Created by Dave J. Garrity (pseud. of
David J. Gerrity, 1923-1984)

"The first time the old bird tried to hire me was on the telephone, but he got too mouthy. I told him to go climb his thumb and stuck the receiver back in his face and thought that took care of that."
-- Garrity displays his bedside manners

When I grow up, I want to be Mike Hammer...

Dave Garrity, a Mickey Spillane protege and close friend, wrote one novel, Dragon Hunt (1967), about New York private eye PETER BRAID, who just happened to be Mike Hammer's drinking buddy, and just in case anyone missed the point, the author got Spillane to do a blurb for the cover, "Guts, action...the kind of stuff I like to read."

In fact, Spillane was alleged to have loaned the author the plot for the book, and at one point Hammer himself shows up to lend Braid a hand. And just to seal the deal there's a picture of Garrity and Spillane naked in a hot tub on the back cover. (Okay, I made up the hot tub bit...)

A relatively late addition to the booze-babes-and-bullets approach to hard-boiled fiction, though Garrity comes by it honestly -- he penned at least two previous novels, Kiss Off the Dead (1960) and Cry Me a Killer (1961), both published by Gold Medal and both very much in the same vein. In the seventies he wrote a couple of books about a mob hitman.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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