Peter Boone
Created by William Jaspersohn

Ex-Red Sox pitcher, avid fly fisherman and widower, PETER BOONE is a private eye who works the back roads and small villages of his home state of Vermont. When his wife was killed in a convenience store robbery and the case bungled by the cops, Boone quit baseball and brought her killer to justice. Since then he's been living like a hermit in his hand-built country home with his two border collies, playing Gershwin on the piano in memory of his late wife, and working.

The writing's good, but the character of Boone's just a little too yuppie for this reader's taste, and his romantic entanglement with a young, pretty social worker is just a bit too Harelequin Romance. One gets the impression the writer's trying too hard to be "literary."

William Jaspersohn, a former high school English teacher, has published more than twenty books, mostly in The Day of the Life... series, for young readers. He currently lives in Vermont.



Respectfully submitted by Chris Mills.

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