Marty Bond
Created by Ed Lacy
(pseud. of Leonard S. Zinberg; 1911-1968)

MARTY BOND was a formerly-notorious "cop, judge, brute, and little god" fired from the Force, and now scraping the bottom as an alcoholic house dick in a ratty New York hotel, running scams and protecting petty rackets, until his stepson is almost beaten to death after stumbling onto a killing.

At least, that's what he was. Then he was dead. Not that that stops him from narrating this nasty little slice of 1950s hard-boiled pulp that out-Spillanes Spillane.

Author Lacy (actually Leonard S. Zinberg) is best known for creating the ground-breaking African-American private eye Toussaint Moore, but he's also responsible for some other fine hard-boiled detectives, including as Hal Darling, Barney Harris, John O'Hara, Matt Ranzino, Lee Hayes and Billy Wallace.


  • The Men From the Boys (1956)

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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