Julie Blake
Created by Sally Chapman

JULIE BLAKE and her boyfriend Vic Paoli left their Silicon Valley employers to set up their own business; a detective agency which specializes in investigating computer crime. The books focus on various high tech fields, such as virtual reality, code/security breaking etc. The setting is Silicon Valley, and the mood is suspenseful, but light and witty. But holy moley, do these seem dated now!

Do kids today even know what a floppy disk is?

Author Chapman is a graduate of the University of Texas and spent nine years with IBM. She's married and lives in the Bay Area, now writing full time.


  • "In Hardwired Julie's insecurities really bothered me...she worries about her weight: she's 105 lbs and wears control-top panty hose! Come on. I'll give this series one more try, but it's time for Julie to get some help and stop swigging the Maalox."

  • "How dated are these? They're not even available as e-books!"


Respectfully submitted by Jane Maranghi, with additional info by Kevin Burton Smith.

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