Eddie Bianco
Created by Jose Pablo Feinmann

Nervous, weaselly private eye EDDIE BIANCO (The Practice's Michael Badalucco) teams up with his old buddy, sardonic, mouthy piano man Jack Hanaway (Dennis Leary), a caustic, bitter would-be writer with a drinking problem, in this competent, straight-to-video B-picture, which Kevin Thomas of The L.A. Times called "intelligent and stylish but not nearly original enough to warrant a trip to your local multiplex."

With the help of Jack's torch singer girlfriend, Vicki Rivas (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon), a smoldering beauty and his longtime lover, Eddie and Jack plan to blackmail a local businessman (played by Terence Stamp) who's married to a very wealthy, and jealous woman.

A solid showcase for edgy comic Dennis Leary, as Jack, and veteran actor Terence Stamp shines as the wealthy business man who's more dangerous than he seems. Badalucco more than holds his own in the relatively small, but crucial role of the private eye.The Times goes on to conclude that "Like a lot of other neo-noirs, Love Walked In...could just as easily have been made in the '40s, drawing more from other movies than real life." The general consensus on this one is good, slightly above average, but not great, though Roger Ebert wasn't quite as pleased (see below).



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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