Christine Bennett

Created by Lee Harris (pseud. of Syrell Rogovin Leahy)

CHRISTINE BENNETT is a former nun, out of St. Stephen's Convent, a parttime teacher at a nearby college not far from New York City, and an engaging sometime amateur/sometime professional sleuth in this well-written series by Lee Harris. Sorta one of those not-quite-but-almost private eyes.

Supposedly not as bad as it sounds, which is the real reason I've listed what seems to me to be more of an amateur than professional detective series. (I've never read any, so anyone with a bit more insight is urged to contact me).

Christine's debut, The Good Friday Murder, was nominated for an Edgar for Best Paperback Original, and the series is doing well enough to keep chugging along at a great clip. Along the line, she's even acquired a husband, Jack, and a son, Eddie. Gee, I wonder if she knows Sister Cecile, Winona Sullivan's crime-solving nun?


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Al Hubin for the heads up.

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