Carver Bascombe
Created by Kenn Davis and John Stanley

Wanna a P.I. that tastes good, AND has good taste?

Check out San Francisco's ambitious, art-loving private eye and night school law student, CARVER BASCOMBE. He's black, he's lean, and he's mean. He's a Vietnam vet and former MP, a part-time law student working his way through law school doing P.I. work, and he's one artsy-fartsy eye. Which comes in handy, because as this high-faluting series has progressed he's been involved in opera, drama, literature, art photography, sculpture, ballet, painting and poetry.

Yep, he may be working out of his Fillmore Streeet apartment, but he's also got a definite hunger for the finer things in life. Good for him, then, that he's got a rich girlfriend (a white senator's daughter, no less) to keep him in the manner in which he's grown accustomed.

The first novel in the series was 1976's The Dark Side, written by Kenn Davis and John Stanley, both workers at the time at The San Francisco Chronicle. Subsequent books in the series however,starting with The Forza Trap, have been penned by Davis alone.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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