Ray Banana

Created by Ted Benoit

Ray Banana versus classic set of wheels.
Which is cooler?

Finally, a P.I. with appeal! RAY BANANA is a post-modernist American private eye, a slouching hepcat shamus in retro-fifties gear, shades and attitude, who stars in a series of semi-futuristic sort of detective stories set in a mythical America that could only be imagined in Europe. Ray made his debut in the pages of A suivre and has since appeared in several albums, in both French and English, sometimes accompanied by his "femme de chambre," Thelma Ritter.

Cool beans....


    Art and text: Ted Benoit

Ray made his debut in 1980.


  • "Vers la Ligne Claire (1980)
  • Berceuse électrique (1982; translated as "The Electric Cradle")
  • Cité lumière (1986; translated as "City of Light")
  • L'Homme de Nulle Part (1989; first of Thelma Ritters Memoirs)
  • L'Homme qui ne transpirait pas: Une journée dans la vie de Ray Banana (1994)


Private Eyes in European Comic Books, Strips, Graphic Novels, Albums & Bandes Désinées

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, with un gros merci à Jerome.

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