Rex Bader
Created by Mack Reyn
olds (pseud. of Dallas McCord Reynolds; 1917 -83)

As far as I can tell, private eye REX BADER was first introduced in the February 1969 issue of Analog in a short story called "Extortion, Inc." He soon returned, in a serialized two-part social/political/sci-fi thriller entitled "The Five-Way Secret Agent." Set in the near future, the down-and-out Bader, currently living on Negative Income Tax, is hired by a wealthy, idealistic businessman who sends him deep into the heart of the Soviet Union to set up a peace deal. Hot on his heels, and opposed to his mission are the descendants of the CIA and the Mafia.

Over the next fifteen years or so, Rex appeared in numerous short stories (often in Analog) and novels.

He popped up in 1979's LaGrange Five, wherein Bader is called upon by the director of a space colony, LaGrangia, to find out why its members are going mad. Rex returns to the space colony in two more adventures, to look into other threats against the colony, from both within and without. These last two LaGrange books were edited and completed by Dean Ing after Reynolds' death.

Reynolds is also responsible for a sci-fi police procedural, of sorts, the vaguely Adam 12-ish Police Patrol: 2000 A.D. (1977).


  • "Extortion Inc." (February1969, Analog)
  • "The Five-Way Secret Agent" (Part One) (April 1969, Analog)
  • "The Five-Way Secret Agent" (Part Two) (May 1969, Analog)
  • "Unknown title" (1983, Compounded Interests)...Buy this book


  • The Five-Way Secret Agent (1969)
  • Satellite City (1975)
  • LaGrange Five (1979) ...Buy this book
  • The LaGransists (1983)
  • Chaos in LaGrangia (1984)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Al for putting me straight on this one.

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