Dr. Hiram Arthur

Created by Roger Delancey

The advertising blurb promises that:

"The death of a Wall Street financier brings into action the picturesque investigator, Hiram Wilson..."

Yeah, the "picturesque investigator" in Murder Below Wall Street, is called DR. HIRAM ARTHUR.

I dunno. Sounds like a bit of a stuffed shirt to me.

Turns out, though, despite the blue blood nomenclature, that the good doc is an interesting enough elderly private detective, in a hopelessly Golden Age, non-hard-boiled way. A former engineer turned private detective, Hiram serves the "financial magnates of Wall Street." and you've just gotta love the blurb:

"Watch especially how wily old Dr. Arthur ("A delightful old satyr") and his team of voluptuous secretaries tangle with the carefully non-committal suspects (bankers, in-laws, office manager, and a Bolivian revolutionists' envoy), until one of them is not so non-committal as he thought he was. A natural, climatic (sic) denouement, an intriguing story and a keenly figured puzzle keep the reader alert to the last page."

Yes, be alert! The world needs more lerts.

Published under the Tired Businessmen's Press, an imprint of the D. Appleton-Century Company.


  • Murder Below Wall Street (1934)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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