Lluís Arquer
Created by Jaume Fuster (1945-98)

LLUíS ARQUER is a well-known Spanish-language private eye created by the late Catalan writer and director Jaume Fuster, and are the author's homage to Ross Macdonald's Lew Archer.

Most of stories are in the short story form, with the solution of the crime revealed in the last paragraph, and there's often a twist that prompts a careful re-reading of the story -- by all accounts, Fuster loved to play with people's heads.

The wry, philosophical Lluis takes pretty much any case that interests him, up to and including murder, and his investigations routinely bring him into contact with all sorts of people, from dog racers and fashion designers to Catalan separatists. The chief criteria seems to be that the cases are interesting -- it seems that Lluis gets bored easily.

Lluís makes a cameo appearance, along with another popular Spanish gumshoe, Vasquez-Montalban's Pepe Carvalho, in Catalan author Maria-Antonia Oliver's Study in Lilac, featuring her P.I., Lònia Guiu. And why not? In real life, Jaume and Maria-Antònia lived together.

The Arquer stories are apparently untranslated into English, so far.


  • Sota el signe de sagitari (1987)
  • Vida de gos i altres claus de vidre (1989)
  • Vida de perros y otras llaves de cristal (1999)
  • Les claus de vidre: Disset aventures de Lluis Arquer
    and others

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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