Jack Andrews
Created by John Dahl and David W. Warfield

The sign says "Jack Andrews, Licensed Investigator, Confidentiality Guaranteed, 1248 Dahl Av., Reno, Nevada."

What it doesn't say is that JACK ANDREWS is a business degree major, and former insurance investigator who's on the definite skids following the death of his wife. Now he's a "half-assed Dick Tracy" private eye, with a "nice-guy complex," still in mourning, and in serious hawk to the sharks. He crawls out of the bottle to become involved with Fay (played by Joanne Whalley, Val Kilmer's real-life wife at the time) who hires him to help her fake her own death to escape the violent clutches of an abusive boyfriend (Vengeance Unlimited's Michael Madsen). Call this one Blood Simple Lite.

Some good ideas, some razor-sharp directing and Madsen shines as a psychotic (what else?) thug, but relative newcomers Mr. and (then) Mrs. Kilmer are way out of their league on this one, and the film lags after a while because of it. The script calls for blood and juice and passion, and instead we get Ken and Barbie. Fortunately, Kilmer's range has broadened and his thespian chops have considerably sharpened over the years, as evidenced by his subsequent portrayal of Gay Perry, a very different private eye, the flamboyant, hard-nosed and unapologetically gay P.I. in Shane Black's slam-bang action comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005).

Kill Me Again, Jack's only appearance, was director John Dahl's first film. His next film, Red Rock West was a considerable improvement, and with his next, The Last Seduction, he really hit his stride.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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