Anthony Aaron
Created by Simon Moore

In 1957 Brighton, police officer ANTHONY AARON's on-duty affair takes a nasty turn of events when an on-duty tumble results in the shooting death of a fellow officer. Disgraced, and forced to resign, Aaron sets himself up as a rather seedy private investigator of sorts in this apparently straight-to-cable film written and directed by Simon Moore, probably best known for writing the TV script for the original Traffik.

"Discreet and Affordable," the sign says, but in reality, what our Tony does is fake evidence of extramarital affairs to speed divorce proceedings along. As Aaron puts it, "All you need is a woman, a photograph, and a private eye." Not overly concerned with scruples, he uses his girlfriend as "the woman" in these "arranged adulteries." But shit happens, and a client, some big-shot artist, and his girlfriend are murdered, and Aaron is the prime suspect. Even Aaron's last remaining pal on the force, his ex-partner Frank, is beginning to have his doubts about Aaron.

Not a bad flick, although it's more than a little depressing. Not exactly a morally or spiritually uplifting piece of celluoid. Laura San Giacomo is miscast as a femme fatale. She "seems to be aping Kathleen Turner in Body Heat," according to Peter Travers in Rolling Stone but if you're in the mood for a surprisingly effective bit of noir nastiness, this will do the trick.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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