Vincent Rubio

Created by Eric M. Garcia

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

See, VINCENT RUBIO's this hardboiled kinda Los Angeles private eye, right? Whose turf is the mean streets of the City of Angels, okay? And this dick, well, he's not your normal gumshoe. He's a velociraptor.

It seems the dinosaurs faked their extinction 6.5 million years ago, and have been hiding out, wearing latex costumes to disguise themselves as humans, ever since. And if being a dinosaur isn't a tough enough row to hoe, it seems our Vinnie has a dangerous basil addiction. Uh-huh, basil. Other than that, this is just another story of a dick in dinosaur's clothing.

Is it fantasy? Is it sci-fi? Is it a detective story? Who the hell knows?

Okay, I read Anonymous Rex (1999), and I'm still not sure. But it sure seemed to have impressed a lot of other folks. Rookie author Garcia landed a big six-figure publishing deal for it, and other deals were soon in the works. Movie rights were up for grabs, and twenty-something Garcia went right to work on his second book. Casual Rex came out in 2001, and a third one in the series, Hot and Sweaty Rex reared its ugly -- and presumably sweaty) head in early 2004. Along the way, the author also penned Matchstick Men, a novel about con men which was made into a 2003 film starring Nicholas Cage.


  • "What would the world be like if the dinosaurs hadn't gone extinct?...for one thing, L.A. would be even weirder than it is now."

-- Dave Barry



    (2004, Sci-Fi Channel)
    A made-for-cable movie/back-door pilot
    Premiere: December 4, 2004
    Based on the novel by Eric Garcia
    Teleplay by Joe Menosky
    Directed by Julian Jarrold
    Produced by Daniel J. Heffner
    Co-executive producer: Eric Garcia
    Executive producer: Joe Menosky
    Starring Sam Trammell as VINCENT RUBIO
    Also starring Faye Dunaway, Daniel Baldwin, Lori Anne Alter, Tim Burd, Tamara Gorski, Isaac Hayes, Eric Johnson, Jung-Yul Kim, Lee Kim, Stephanie Nicole Lemelin, Anna Silk


An ever-expanding list of Sci-Fi P.I.'s.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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