Kevin Burton Smith, the man behind The Thrilling Detective Web Site, is now ready to take on your web site.

He brings with him not just the experience and technical expertise you need, but the imagination and creativity you want, to give you not just a web site, but a web PRESENCE.


  • Now available to do web sites for mystery authors, bookstores, dealers and guys that Joe sent.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • Never sleeps.
  • Domain registration, graphic design and scanning services available.
  • Works WITH the client.
  • I want to give you a site that YOU'RE happy with.
  • Discount on Thrilling Detective Web Site advertising available. E-mail me to ask for details...


I'm pleased to report that most of these sites which I helped develop are still going strong, although I am no longer involved with them.

  • The St. Jude School Web Site
  • The Canada World Youth Web Site
  • Trouble, You Can't Fool Me: A Cancer Survivor's Site
  • Black Mask Magazine.com
  • The Wicked Company Book Preview Club
  • The Three Faces of Regina Harvey, Heidi Vornbrock and McLean Jacobson
  • Regina Harvey: Welcome to the Other Side
  • terrillleelankford.com
  • Midnight Investigations (Michael Siverling)
  • Laura Browne-Sorenson: Words & Music


I'm not some geek living in his parents' basement who got his hands on a bootleg copy of JiffySite and suddenly decided he's a professional web page designer. I've been doing this stuff for a while now (and getting paid for it), and I've got thirty or so years in the graphic design and publishing industries. So what I may lack in bells-and-whistles cyber trickery (and isn't most of that stuff annoying anyway?) department, I more than make up for in good ol' common design sense, communications savvy and practical experience keeping customers happy.

E-mail me. If a cat answers, hang up.

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