Ronnie Ventana
Created by Gloria White

San Francisco private eye RONNIE VENTANA was a parole officer "for a couple of years and got to meet a lot of interesting people, most of whom knew, or knew of, her parents," an infamous husband-and-wife team of cat burglars/jewel thieves.

Unfortunately, like most of Ronnie's other occupations, that gig didn't last too long either. Seems she has a bit of a problem with bureaucracy. What she doesn't seem to have any problem with is locks, alarms and various other security measures. She's also done stins as a locksmith, and as a representative for a burglar alarm company. In fact, she's been known to breech people's home security systems in order to convince them to upgrade their systems. The strategy seems to work well, because she still sells alarms, etc., to supplement her income as a P.I.

A pretty easy-going -- if rough-edged -- kinda gal, Ronnie gets along particularly well with men, especially her ex, who's always fretting about her safety, and Blackie Coogan, a rumpled older P.I. who showed Ronnie the ropes.

And Ronnie's pretty easy-going when it comes to the rules, too--which comes as a refreshing change from some of the rather squeaky-clean female P.I.s who have popped up in the eighties and nineties. Another bonus is that Ronnie's Mexican-American -- a welcome respite from all these vaguely neurotic blonde Amazons jogging up and down the California coast.

So far, Ronnie's appeared in adventures (including 1996 Edgar Best Paperback nominee Charged with Guilt).



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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