Gimcracks, Geegaws & Other Dinguses

Private Eye Collectables

Adrian Monk Moist Towelette
2003, Norwood
The Maltese Falcon (Replica)
2008, Haunted Studios

Detective Chimp Figurine
2007, Eaglemoss Publications
Rockford Files Facsimile Plate
2008, Haunted Studios

This deluxe, full-size replica of the 1941 Maltese Falcon Prop Statue, cast in reinforced, hardened resin. stands 12 inches tall, weighs in at a hefty thirteen pounds, and comes in optional exclusive gift packaging, wrapped in Chinese newspapers and bound with twine in Captain Jacobi's La Paloma burlap sea bag, and comes complete with a personalized Certificate of Authenticity. Sure at somewhere around $180 or so, it's a little pricey, but considering one of two dinguses actually made for the movie -- and the only one known to have appeared on film -- sold in November 2013 for four million bucks at auction, you might call this a bargain.

This cleverer-than-usual promo item was shipped out by the thousands to plug the second season of Monk, the unexpectedly successful detective show featuring Adrian Monk, a quirky, germaphobic consultant to the San Francisco Police Department suffering from OCPD.

This hand-painted lead figurine of Detective Chimp, clutching a magnifying glass and a pipe and sporting a deerstalker cap, goes all Sherlock on you fanboys. It stands about four inches tall and weighs in at about eight issues, and came with a 20-page replica issue of The Helmet of Fate: Detective Chimp, providing detailed history and background on the featured characters, including exclusive images and interviews. This is Item #69 in Eaglemoss' DC Comics Superhero Figurine Collection.

  • The Rockford Files Vanity License Plate . Buy it!
    (2013, Celebrity Machines)

Perfect for slapping on your Gold Pontiac Firebird Esprit, this metal-stamped prop boasts Jimbo's actual California plate number, 853 OKG.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Seen anything cool that should be here? Lemme know!

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