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Of course, some of these actors are getting a bit long in the tooth for these roles now, but imagine what if? Can you think of any others? Who do you think should play your heroes in a hypothetical flick. Don't be shy!

From the Peanut Gallery:
Readers' Comments

From Janelle Williams
My choice for a hypothetical hero would be Brian Dennehy and/or Peter Strauss. These two gentlemen are very talented actors...and they are very strong type of men.

From Chris Mills
Personally, my dream is to see a big-budget, period adaptation of Spillane's One Lonely Night with Michael Madsen as Mike Hammer.

To which I can only say, "Oh, yeah!"

From Nick Allen
Harrison Ford as Travis McGee - not bad, but my own casting for that is Kris Kristofferson as Travis, with Willie Nelson playing Meyer... better hurry though, they're getting old like the rest of us! As for Tom Selleck as Spenser - NO, NO, a hundred times NO!!! Actually, I did read an interview with Parker some long time ago (early 80s) in which he said his ideal Spenser was Robert Mitchum when younger (but then again, Mitchum was born to play almost all these characters...) - Joan Parker has said her picks would be Harrison Ford, Nick Nolte or George Clooney. All of which seem to me viable, depending on what aspects of the character you're going to highlight... Personally, I'd like to see a Nolte version. I started reading the Spenser books before the TV series existed, and in my mind Spenser bore a VERY strong resemblance to Burt Reynolds ! (and Hawk was Lou Gossett Jr).

I especially like the idea of Kris'n'Willie as McGee and Meyer, though I keep having this idea of 'em taking the Busted Flush out to sea in search of jettisoned bales of grass...

Mickey Rourke as Andrew Vachss' Burke (the other possibility, of course, is James Woods...)

YES! YES! YES! I've always thought Burke was a bit of a head case, and Rourke wouldn't even have to act much. What a great casting suggestion!

From Bryan Schingle
The more I read Matt Scudder novels, the more I see Don Johnson in the part. I agree that Harrison Ford would do a fine job, but I think Johnson could look and feel the part more. Most people who watch Nash Bridges would disagree with me, but based on his performance in "Dead Bang" (which is a lousy movie, truth be told), he plays a world-weary cop, and he does it damn well.

From James G. Edwards
How about Nick Nolte as Matt Scudder and Brian Dennehy as Mick Ballou?

Although now that Scudder's cleaned up his act, Nolte might be a little "rough" for the role...

From Martin Ross

And speaking of the crowd at DKA: 

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