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"She raised the roscoe, slapped me on the side of the noggin. For a wren who didn't look hefty, she packed a terrific wallop."

-- Hollywood dick Dan Turner meets his match? From "Gun from Gotham"

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This Just In...
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  1. A Long Time Running
    April 1, 2018 marks the twentieth anniversary of this site, and we've asked some friends to help us celebrate. Among those dropping off gifts or signing the ol' birthday card are Dave White, Bill Duncan, Victoria Esposito, Mark Krajnak, Ron DeSourdis, Josh Lanyon, Colleen Collins and Steven Gomez.
  2. The Rap Sheet: Favorite Crime Fiction of 2017, Part I
    It's the time of the year when everyone starts listing their "Best Of" picks for the year. Here are five of mine. A P.I. novel, an almost P.I. novel and a trio of excellent outliers.
  3. New Raymond Chandler Story Published!
    First Hammett, now Chandler. What else is out there? A recently discovered Raymond Chandler story is in the latest issue of The Strand. It's not a crime story, or at least not exactly-- it does, however, take a fierce swipe at a vast criminal conspiracy, namely the U.S. health care system. And it was written over fifty years ago!
  4. EXTRA! EXTRA! Read a Brand New Hammett Story!
    A previously undiscovered Hammett story,"The Glass That Laughed," in now available to read at Amazon for 99 cents (where you can also read about my bit part in its re-publication). Originally published in the November 1925 issue of , a short-lived pulp, the story was never listed in any bibliographies anywhere I could find, but it's the real deal, according to Richard Laymon, acclaimed Hammett scholar, and Julie M. Rivett, Hammett's granddaughter. I've read it, and it's a hoot, although not what you may be expecting from the hard-boiled master. More of an Edgar Allan Poe-type story like "Tell-Tale Heart" more than any of Hammett's hard-boiled detective stuff, but this is exciting news for anyone who's a fan of Hammett's. And if you're not a fan of Hammett's, get the hell off my lawn.True Police Stories
  5. They Had Legs and They Sure Knew How to Use 'Em...
    Pulp Covers wrote a thing about inter-war hosery as reflected in the pulp cover art, and tackles the buring question: fetish or fashion? You're welcome.
  6. "Liberation Struggle: Chester Himes' One-Man Movement"
    In-depth review by Thomas Chatterton Williams from August 2017 issue of Harper's, of Lawrence P. Jackson's 2017 bio, Chester Himes: A Biography, focussing not so much on Coffin Ed Johnson & Grave Digger Jones as on Himes' messy and complicated personal struggles, and how it affected his fiction.
  7. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Go Pop!...Buy Jessica Jones...Buy Luke Cage
    Finally! The P.I./Funko barrier has been breached! After years of hoping the makers of those ever-so-collectable big-eyed vinyl figures would give us some shamus love, we're beginning to see some light with the release of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage figurines, both taken, not from the comics, but from the TV show versions streaming on Netflix. Hopefully, we'll soon start to see more TV-based P.I. figures soon. Rockford? Mannix? Peter Gunn? Veronica Mars?

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