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"Dolores was a hell of a lot more than tall. She was huge, statuesque. A Glamazon. A regular Empire State Building of female feminine dame. And all woman, besides."

-- Ed Noon from The Tall Dolores (1953). Apparently Dolores was tall.

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  1. Danny and Harry: Private Detectives
    In this light-hearted new web comic, served up in easy-to-digest weekly installments, Danny's a cat and Harry's a seagull. Go figure...
  2. Drink Like a Hard-Boiled, Noir Shamus
    Our pal Steve Gomez suggests "11 Cocktails to Serve Your Inner Detective"
  3. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Go Pop!...Buy Jessica Jones...Buy Luke Cage
    Finally! The P.I./Funko barrier has been breached! After years of hoping the makers of those ever-so-collectable big-eyed vinyl figures would give us some shamus love, we're beginning to see some light with the release of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage figurines, both taken, not from the comics, but from the TV show versions streaming on Netflix. Hopefully, we'll soon start to see more TV-based P.I. figures soon. Rockford? Mannix? Peter Gunn? Veronica Mars?
  4. A Two-Fisted Double Review by Ron DeSourdis
    Ron reviews The Detective & the Chinese High-Fin by Michael Craven and What You Break by Reed Farrel Coleman.
  5. New Philip Marlowe Flick in Works?
    Well, maybe. Variety recently announced that Liam Neeson has been slotted to play Raymond Chandler's iconic gumshoe Philip Marlowe in an upcoming project from Nickel City Pictures, with William Monahan, who did Scorsese's The Departed, handling the script chores. That's the good news.
    The WTF??? news? The film will be adapted from Benjamin Black's Marlowe pastiche, The Black-Eyed Blonde (2014). Like, Chandler wasn't good enough for Hollywood? more likely, these days , is that Chandler's too good for Hollywood.
    I know, I know. This may never get made, so why am I mouthing off? But it sucks. The idea of them using Black's book instead of any of Chandler's many novels or short stories is like them asking us to pay good money to see a Rich Little impersonator.
  6. Going to the Dogs
    Well, one of them, anyway. Presenting Marlowe, the Official Dog of the Thrilling Detective Web Site. Not only does he know where the bodies are buried, but he'll gladly dig them up for you.
  7. The Case of the Lost Libretto
    Chandlerologist Kim Cooper takes us through her discovery of Raymond Chandler's long-lost comic operetta, The Princess and the Pedler (co-written with the man whose wife he would later marry) and her wrangles with the Chandler estate for the right to perform it. Sign the petition.
  8. It Wasn't Easy
    I take a gentle but I hope affectionate look at the first TV adaptation of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, starring Darren McGavin. Yeah, the dad from Christmas Story.
  9. Mickey Spillane's First Private Eye?
    Before there was Hammer; before there was Danger, there was... Lancer. A tale of three Mikes.
  10. TCM Announces Best Hangover Cure Ever!
    Noir czar Eddie Muller will be hosting a weekly noir jam on Turner Classic Movies every Sunday morning, starting in March with the stone cold classic, The Maltese Falcon.
  11. Mystery Weekly Magazine
    Yeah, it's called "Mystery Weekly" but Kerry and Chuck Carter's digital mag is published monthly, and presents "crime and mystery short stories by some of the world's best established and emerging mystery writers. The original stories we select for each issue run the gamut from cozy to hardboiled fiction." The monicker, I assume, comes from their free weekly samples, and of course that's the bait. They're hoping you'll love it so much that you'll subscribe to their monthly, printer-friendly PDF version. This digital mag is also available through Magzter, Amazon, Google Play & the App store, and via print. And writers take note-- they're always looking for submissions.
  12. Chandler to Get Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame?
    Adam Lerner and Bill Boyle have launched a fund-raising IndieGoGo campaign to get Raymond Chandler a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with the approval of the Chandler Estate and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. This would make Chandler the first writer (who is not also a director, producer, or animator) to get a star.

    They argue that "If there were no Raymond Chandler there would certainly be no Philip Marlowe and if there were no Philip Marlowe there would arguably be no Hollywood Noir or Hollywood Walk of Fame."

    I'm not sure if I buy all that argument, but if there's a crime writer who deserves that star, it's definitely Chandler. Let's help give him his due.

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