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"I have romantic notions of drinking gimlets with Raymond Chandler, waiting out the Santa Ana winds together in some dim bar."

-- author Megan Abbott, July 24, 2016, The New York Times Book Review

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  1. "What is Noir?"
    Always a favourite question (we've had several whacks at it ourselves over the years), The Noir Factory recently decided to take poke as well, and twelve of us answered, including Lawrence Block, Christa Faust,Eddie Muller and Charles Ardai. I think I'm in there simply to cleanse the palate, but there IS a really bad photo of me.
  2. Jessica Jones Goes Home
    Following the success of last year's gritty, street-level TV mini-series revolving around Marvel superhero-turned-Manhattan P.I Jessica Jones, the comic book publisher has announced a new series coming this fall from original creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. Whether the new series will return Jessica to her rough-edged roots (YES!), or follow current Marvel continuity which has cast her as just another spandex-bedecked member of the Avengers (meh) remains to be seen.
  3. And speaking of spandex...
    There's no sign of it (or tiaras) in the just-released promos for Netflix's upcoming (September) take on Marvel's Luke Cage. Unfortunately, there's also no sign of Jessica Jones, his significant other, either. But one can always hope. You can watch the first trailer on YouTube.
  4. Quarry to Run in September
    Cinemax's long-anticipated new show featuring Max Allan Collins' Vietnam vet-turned-hitman, Quarry, starring Logan Marshall-Green, is now scheduled to air in September.
  5. With Smiling Bastards Lying to You Everywhere You Go
    The Miami Herald reports that the commemorative bronze plaque at the Bahia Mar Marina's Slip F18, where Fort Lauderdale's most famous resident, Travis McGee, once moored The Busted Flush, has been removed.
  6. The Little Sister.
    Barry Ergang clued me into this little animated gem, now available for viewing (hopefully) on YouTube. The creator, who put this together using elements of an old PC game (which was also based on Chandler's The Little Sister), admits "I don't own the copyrights to any of this material, and I cannot imagine who would." So, sure, the audio's sketchy in spots, its provenance is dubious and the story strays a little too much at times from the original, but what a ride! As Barry says "it seems to have been grafted over an old videogame, but some parts look like it was lifted from Scooby Doo, or possibly the graphic novel (but) definitely worth investigating." FanFic taken to a whole new level.(2015, Brooklyn Multimedia)
  7. Thrilling Detective Now Legal (in Québec)
    We just turned eighteen, which means this site can now legally drink in a bar in Québec.
  8. Aloha, Hawaiian Dick
    It's been way too long since we've had a visit from B. Clay Moore's slacker P.I. Byrd from Hawaii but he's back, in a brand new mini-series from Image Comics (April 2016)
  9. More Crime Comics!
    Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips returns to Criminal, their award-winning anthology series, with the 10th Anniversary Special #1. There's a standard edition, but the limited edition, over-sized special with the kung-fu werewolf on the cover (don't ask!) is the one to get. And the story? A heartbreaker.
  10. The Hollywood Ladies of Série noire
    ZUT! The Divine Ms. Sarah digs up two of my fave forgotten hard-boiled dames: MARTY HOLLAND & GERTRUDE WALKER for the LA Review of Books.
  11. Jack Irish: The TV Series!
    Good news! Looks like Acorn-TV is going to be streaming the all-new series starting in May, based on Peter Temple's award-winning P.I. novels. And yes, Guy Pearce will be returning as the trouble-bound Aussie eye, as will the rest of the cast The three made-for-TV movies were some of the best P.I. fare I've seen in years -- smart, gritty, well-acted and directed -- so I've got my hopes up high for this one.
  12. Shonda Rhimes' New P.I. Show: Not as Catchy As They'd Hoped
    The new Rhimes-helmed The Catch (not to be confused with the failed 2005 pilot with the same title) just aired its pilot episode in How to Get Away with Murder's timeslot. It follows the adventures of Alice Vaughan, a LA P.I. who's scammed by her fiancé (Peter Krause) out of her life savings. Based on a treatment from novelist Kate Atkinson (Case Histories).
  13. The Nice Guys
    Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in a detective thriller/comedy written and directed by Shane Black. Coming real soon.
  14. Speaking of Nice Guys
    Our pal Ron DeSourdis drops by to review Michael Connelly's new one, The Crossing, which has Bosch, now retired from the LAPD, reluctantly working as a P.I. for his half brother, Mickey Haller, aka "The Lincoln Lawyer."
  15. Chandler to Get Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame?
    Adam Lerner and Bill Boyle have launched a fund-raising IndieGoGo campaign to get Raymond Chandler a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with the approval of the Chandler Estate and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. This would make Chandler the first writer (who is not also a director, producer, or animator) to get a star.

    They argue that "If there were no Raymond Chandler there would certainly be no Philip Marlowe and if there were no Philip Marlowe there would arguably be no Hollywood Noir or Hollywood Walk of Fame."

    I'm not sure if I buy all that argument, but if there's a writer who deserves that star, it's definitely Chandler. Let's help give him his due.

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