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"Dolores was a hell of a lot more than tall. She was huge, statuesque. A Glamazon. A regular Empire State Building of female feminine dame. And all woman, besides."

-- Ed Noon from The Tall Dolores (1953). Apparently Dolores was tall.

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  1. Mickey Spillane's First Private Eye?
    Before there was Hammer; before there was Danger, there was... Lancer. A tale of three Mikes.
  2. Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie
    This new comic by Dynamite offers a supposedly tougher take on the perennial kids' reads, as they return to their pulpy roots (well, sorta). Nancy femme fatales it up a little (Ooh! Stilettos!), as she travels to Bayport to clear the boys of the murder of their father, world famous detective Fenton Hardy. It namedrops folks like crime-comic hotshots Ed Brubaker and (the late) Darwyn Cooke, and is being billed as "a twisting, hard-boiled tale, complete with double-crosses, deceit and dames..." and promises to "bring the iconic teen detectives into the modern age, and redefine noir for a new generation of readers!" Uh-huh. We'll see...but in the meantime, it's fun to pick out the Stratemeyer sibs who pop in for cameos. So far I've spotted a couple of Bobbsey Twins and Tom Swift.
  1. TCM Announces Best Hangover Cure Ever!
    Noir czar Eddie Muller will be hosting a weekly noir jam on Turner Classic Movies every Sunday morning, starting March 5 with the stone cold classic, The Maltese Falcon.
  2. Archer, P.I.
    For those of you who've lamented that FX's super popular ARCHER, despite the seventh season reboot, still isn't really a P.I. show, you've just got to check out the upcoming Season Eight, where, supposedly for the entire season, a comatose Archer dreams he IS a hard-boiled private eye. Working in Los Angeles in 1947. Check out the nifty trailer here. Premieres April 5.
  3. Bruen's Jack Taylor Returns to TV
    The last time we saw Ken Bruen's Galway private eye/dark horse Jack Taylor on the tube, he was gently crooning lullabies -- a frightening concept in almost anyway imaginable. Hopefully, he gets his dark,dirty mojo back when the third series of TV flicks finally makes it across the pond to Acorn TV in March.
  4. Mystery Weekly Magazine
    Yeah, it's called "Mystery Weekly" but Kerry and Chuck Carter's digital mag is published monthly, and presents "crime and mystery short stories by some of the world's best established and emerging mystery writers. The original stories we select for each issue run the gamut from cozy to hardboiled fiction." The monicker, I assume, comes from their free weekly samples, and of course that's the bait. They're hoping you'll love it so much that you'll subscribe to their monthly, printer-friendly PDF version. This digital mag is also available through Magzter, Amazon, Google Play & the App store, and via print. And writers take note-- they're always looking for submissions.
  5. HARD CASE CRIME Launches Crime Comics Imprint!
    Still reeling from Hard Case Crime's two-fisted venture into comics? Brace yourself, because they're releasing another left hook, right into the solar plexus of spandex complacency. Joining Triggerman and the deliciously tawdry Peepland comes The Assignment, a three-parter penned by legendary screenwriter and film director Walter Hill and French writer Matz, with art by Jef that's sure to rock a few boats.It follows a hitman who undergoes gender reassignment. Very trendy, very au courant. Except... it wasn't his idea.
  6. Too Late
    A scrappy little bit of cinematic chess perpetrated by writer/director Dennis Hauck that plays with all your favourite P.I. tropes in all-new ways, built around a only-in-the-movies gimmick. But it's one hell of a gimmick. One of my favourite films of the year, this low-budget, VOD flick is at turns clever and sneaky, but delivered with a heavy dose of heart.
  7. "Think Twice: How Jack Reacher Was Built"
    Fascinating article from The New Yorker that peeks into fictional implausabilities and how Lee Child overcomes them. Also, an interesting comparison of Child to Georges Simenon, the creator of Inspector Maigret.
  8. "What is Noir?"
    Always a favourite question (we've had several whacks at it ourselves over the years), The Noir Factory recently decided to take poke as well, and twelve of us answered, including Lawrence Block, Christa Faust,Eddie Muller and Charles Ardai. I think I'm in there simply to cleanse the palate, but there IS a really bad photo of me.
  9. Chandler to Get Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame?
    Adam Lerner and Bill Boyle have launched a fund-raising IndieGoGo campaign to get Raymond Chandler a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with the approval of the Chandler Estate and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. This would make Chandler the first writer (who is not also a director, producer, or animator) to get a star.

    They argue that "If there were no Raymond Chandler there would certainly be no Philip Marlowe and if there were no Philip Marlowe there would arguably be no Hollywood Noir or Hollywood Walk of Fame."

    I'm not sure if I buy all that argument, but if there's a writer who deserves that star, it's definitely Chandler. Let's help give him his due.

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