These are a few of my favourite blogs...

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They used to be a thing. It seems like once upon a time everybody (and their gerbil) had a blog.

But people move on, grow up or die.

And let's face it, some people would probably have been better off letting their gerbils do the talking -- an awful lot of people really don't have very much to say, but insisted on saying it anyway.

Here are a few exceptions that have stuck around:

And here's the exception to the exceptions. I go through bursts of activity, and then I don't. The world needs another blog like it needs another hole in its ozone layer, but we're gonna do it anyway.
WARNING: May contain opinions.

Your one-stop shop for murder, mayhem and other acts of malicious malarkey. Of the fictional kind, of course. Run by J. Kingston Pierce who knows where the bodies are buried.

The original man with a suitcase, Peter Rozovsky hails from Montreal, but is currently stationed in Philadelphia, from where he covers the global waterfront of crime fiction. Open your eyes, folks. There's a world of crime out there.

Our former fiction editor Gerald So, reveals himself as not just the handsomest man in crime fiction, but also as a man of catholic tastes: Crime fiction, Spenser, Star Wars, baseball, superheroes and... poetry?

Cheeky-as-fuck Ray Banks' got opinions, and he ain't afraid to use 'em on whatever pop culture squirrel attracts his attention. He's wrong about Springsteen, though. Warning: may contain salty language and scenes of an adult nature. So piss off, eh?

Canada gal Sandra Ruttan's on-line party is both a blog and a magazine, dishing out awards, reviewing books and publishing fiction since 2004.

Duane Swierczynski is the man behind The Wheelman, Secret Dead Men, The Blonde, Fun & Games and other books, puzzles, games and comics. In short, his credits are almost as long as his last name. Check into his brain hotel anytime -- there's always room for one more. Like Laura says "The hardest surname to spell since Pelecanos!" Unfortunately, the Secret Dead Blog is no longer a secret, but it IS dead. Fortunately, it's still up and archived.

One of the true gents of the genre, Bill's blog is a little more relaxed than his pal Ed's, but the two complement (and compliment) each other. And Bill knows all the stuff Ed forgot.

Our man in Bangkok, the creator of private eye Vinnie Calvino and editor of Bangkok Noir.

  • But never enough, if you ask me. Still, eternal Irishman and novelist Declan Burke's blog is always a great place to share a pint of the dark stuff with crime writers and chew the fat. Make it your local.

    The grandpa of us all. Jiro Kimura of Kanazawa, Japan has been running this site/blog/newsletter for just about forever. A truly daunting task, it's like a monthly review of short crime fiction, with an emphasis on series detectives. Recommended heartily. Jiro, by the way, is the creator of private eyes Joe Venice and Sachinosuke Terada.

    The best crime fic blog of 'em all, The Divine Ms. Sarah Weinman (studied in Montreal) covers the crime fic beat with a ferocity usually reserved for pirahnas toward fresh meat. If it ain't here, you don't need to know it. Currently on hiatus, although there are still some great links there.

    More to come... and as always, I'm open to suggestions.

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