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It seems like everybody (and their gerbil) has a blog these days. Unfortunately, most people would probably be better off letting their gerbils do the talking -- an awful lot of people really don't have very much to say, but insist on saying it anyway. Here are a few exceptions:

Thrilling Detective Blog
Ah, here's the exception to the exceptions. I go through bursts of activity, and then I don't. The world needs another blog like it needs another hole in its ozone layer, but we're gonna do it anyway. WARNING: May contain opinions.

The Rap Sheet
Your one-stop shop for murder, mayhem and other acts of malicious malarkey. Of the fictional kind, of course. Run by J. Kingston Pierce who knows where the bodies are buried.
Your other one-stop shop. The easiest way to describe Graham Powell's cyber-thingie is to compare it to a cross between Google News and an RSS newsreader. Essentially, it draws headlines from a number of different blogs and presents them on a single page, where users can click through for the whole megilah. They also have plans to post pictures of you naked in the shower.

Detectives Without Borders
Peter Rozovsky hails from Montreal, but is currently stationed in Philadelphia, from where he covers the global waterfront of crime fiction. Open your eyes, folks. There's a world of crime out there.

Noir Journal
What is it about Montreal? Another Canadien errant, Michael Lipkin runs this amazing blog/newsletter/cyber-watering hole that focusses on that place where crime fiction turns so black they have to use a French word for it... fortunately, he speaks the lingo.

If You Want To Know About My Life...
Our former fiction editor Gerald So, reveals himself as not just the handsomest man in crime fiction, but also as a man of catholic tastes: Crime fiction, Spenser, Star Wars, baseball, superheroes and... poetry?

The Saturday Boy
Ray Banks' got opinions, and he ain't afraid to use 'em. He's wrong about Springsteen, though. Warning: may contain salty language and scenes of an adult nature. So piss off, eh?

Canada gal Sandra Ruttan's on-line party is both a blog and a magazine, dishing out awards, reviewing books and publishing fiction since 2004.

Secret Dead Blog
Duane Swierczynski is the man behind The Wheelman, Secret Dead Men, The Blonde, Fun & Games and other books, puzzles, games and comics. In short, his credits are almost as long as his last name. Check into his brain hotel anytime -- there's always room for one more. Like Laura says "The hardest surname to spell since Pelecanos!"

The New Improved Ed Gorman Blog
(Hail Gormania!)
Ed's forgotten more than most people know about crime fiction. Although, for some reason, he wanted me to be president.

Bill Crider's Blog
One of Gorman's friends, Bill's blog is a little more relaxed than Ed's, but the two complement (and compliment) each other. And Bill knows all the stuff Ed forgot.

Jen's Book Thoughts
I'm not even quite sure who this Jen is, but I keep stumbling across her. She claims to be "Ohio's own femme fatale." Which may explain waking up once in a fleabag in Akron, surrounded by ARCs....

Central Crime Zone
CrimeSpree editor Jon Jordan's blog and the global headquarters of the Lego Noir institute.

Noir Originals
Allan Guthrie's blog is dedicated to in non-fiction about noir. Beatifully designed, and with some just plain solid writing, although some of these guys take themselves a little too seriously. C'mon, guys, it's okay to like cheesy books -- you don't have to intellectualize them way beyond the call of duty. And the academic name dropping gets a little precious at times. Still, this is by far the best site of its kind I've found. The growing list of contributors includes Lee Horsley, Charlie Williams, Dave Zeltserman, Allan himself, Michael Robison, Michael S. Chong, Cornelius Lehane, Ed Lynskey, Gary Lovisi, C.S. Thompson, Jochem Vandersteen and Raymond Embrack.

Christopher G. Moore Blog
Our man in Bangkok, the creator of private eye Vinnie Calvino and editor of Bangkok Noir.

Crime Scene
According to this Scottish site's editor and webmaster, Russel McLean, "We're going to try and publish commentary and analysis of crime fiction alongside a small selection of short stories... My own preferences run towards hardboiled/noir crime, but I want to place quite an emphasis on the articles if possible. I'd like to be able to include a fair amount of commetary and opinion on the site." Their banner promises "second hand books, articles, essays and opinions on all aspects of Crime Fiction." Sounds good.

Crime Always Pays
But never enough, if you ask me. Still, eternal Irishman and novelist Declan Burtke's blog is always a great place to share a pint of the dark stuff with crime writers and chew the fat. Make it your local.

Angela Henry's promising new blog devoted to mystery fiction featuring African-American amateur sleuths, private eyes, and police detectives, and their authors. MystNoir will highlight one mystery novel a month and will feature mystery news, writer info for you aspiring mystery writers, and a message board.

The Gumshoe Site
The grandfather of us all. Jiro Kimura of Kanazawa, Japan has been running this site/blog/newsletter for just about forever. A truly daunting task, it's like a monthly review of short crime fiction, with an emphasis on series detectives. Recommended heartily. Jiro, by the way, is the creator of private eyes Joe Venice and Sachinosuke Terada.

Come back, baby!

Confessions of an Idosyncratic Mind
The best crime fic blog of 'em all, The Divine Ms. Sarah Weinman (studied in Montreal) covers the crime fic beat with a ferocity usually reserved for pirahnas toward fresh meat. If it ain't here, you don't need to know it. Currently on hiatus.

More to come... and as always, I'm open to suggestions.

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