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General Resources

Hundreds of book and periodical publishers' website and e-mail addresses. I recommend it highly.

Resource for librarians and also has a terrific amount of information about publishers.

Kate Derie's' magnificent site, has a whole section devoted to mystery publishers set the standard for so many years. I still miss it.

Most of the sites listed below are probably listed on one of the three sites above, but just in case, here they are individually. Short Fiction Publishers, Electronic and Online Publishers and Audio Book Publishers are listed below.

Akashic Books
Co-founded by former punk rocker Johnny Temple, bass player for NYC's Girls Against Boys and New Wet Kojak, Akashic Books is a defiantly-political press that' hit the ground running. aming its first releases were Cuban crime writer Jose Latour's Outcast and Norman Kelley's The Big Mango, featuring P.I. Nina Halligan. They've since cornered the noir market with their seemingly endless series of city-bound Akashic Noir anthologies. If there isn't a Akashic noir anthology set in your hometown, you really are living in nowhere. Have you heard the news? There's good readin' tonight.

Alfred A. Knopf

Allen A. Knoll, Publishers
A small press established in 1990, and located in Santa Barbara, California, that boasts of "specializing in books for intelligent people who read for fun." They publish the Gil Yates books by Alistair Boyle and the Bomber Hanson series by David Champion.

Australian Pocket Press

Avon Books

Éditions Baleine
French publisher of hardboiled and crime fiction. They publish the Le Poulpe series, as well as some of the cream of the French crop of hardboiled writers. For info, contact:

Éditions Baleine
7 rue DeBelleyme
75003 Paris
Tel: 01 42 54 52

Ballantine Books

Bancroft Press
Bruce Bortz's small Baltimore press whose claim to fame is "Books that enlighten...By conscious choice, our writers have been, are, and will continue to be 'in-the-trenches' journalists and other professionals -- authorities who know and present their stories and subjects better than anyone in the country....We are proud to publish and market books of all types, crafted by writers who know their subjects and write with style and conviction." They're the publishers of Mike Walker's Malicious Intent, featuring hard-nosed gossip journalist Cameron Tull.


Bear Manor Media
Ben Ohmart Bear Manor Media is a small press who pride themselves on getting quality entertainment and literary books out there. They're big on nostalgia, with an emphasis on old radio and film. Books of interest to readers of this site include: Private Eyes in the Comics, It's That Time Again (volumes 1 and 2, new stories featuring OTR characters, including several P.I.s), Private Eyelashes (lady dicks on radio) and Have You Seen the Wind?, the selected poems and writings of P.I. writer and Hammett biographer William F. Nolan.

Berkley Prime Crime

Black Lizard
Also known now as Vintage Crime/Black Lizard. An imprint of Random House, specializing in reprints of, it seems, some of the very best of the hardboiled writers, in stylish trade-size paperbacks. Largely credited with reviving hardboiled icons Jim Thompson and David Goodis in the eighties, they've also reprinted the major works of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Chester Himes and Ross Macdonald. Too bad they felt obliged to jack up the size (and therefore the price) of the books to trade-size "yuppiebacks", though.

Bowling Green State University Popular Press

Carroll & Graf
Established in 1982 in New York City by Kent Carroll and Herman Graf, Carroll & Graf publishes a combination of original and reprinted fiction and nonfiction. With 700 titles in print, they have become known for their history and current affairs titles as well as high quality fiction and crime fiction. Crime authors they've published include John Shannon, Thomas B. Dewey, Howard Browne, John Buell and Cornell Woolrich.

Carroll & Graf Publishers.
19 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10010

Crime and Again Press
A new publisher. So far, their only book is Henry Mazel's Murderously Incorrect, which was excerpted on this site in November 1998.

Crime and Again Press
245 Eighth Ave., Ste. 283
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212/727-0151 / Fax: 212-645-1296

Crippen & Landru
A truly amazing publisher, run by fans, for fans, dedicated to collecting and reprinting the best of short-form crime fiction, from a variety of sources, including AHMM, EQMM, various other anthologies, chapbooks, etc. Most books also feature new, original stories. Collectors' editions, as well as handsomely presented oversize paperbacks. Noted anthologist Doug Greene and his wife, Sandi, are to be commended for what some feel is "the finest small press ever to specialize in mystery fiction". An Advisory Board includes Robert Adey, Jack Adrian, Victor Berch, Edward D. Hoch, Allen J. Hubin, Marvin Lachman, Roland Lacourbe, Tony Medawar, Barry Pike, Bill Pronzini, B. J. Rahn, and Bill Ruehlmann. They've published (or will soon) collections of short fiction by Bill Pronzini, Marcia Muller, Jeremiah Healy, Lawrence Block, Michael Collins, Joe Gores, etc. Truly "a murderous name in mysteries."
"This is the best edited, most attractively packaged line of mystery books introduced in this decade. The books are equally valuable to collectors and readers."
--Mystery Scene Magazine

Crippen & Landru, Publishers
P.O. 9315
Norfolk, VA 23505-9315

Crown Publishing Group


Dennis McMillan
Run by self-confessed "publisher-manqué and aspiring mendicant" Dennis McMillan, DM has been offering some of the tastiest treats in hard-boiled, mystery, modern fiction, graphic short stories and outré (for lack of a better all-encompasing term) fiction since 1983. Limited editions, bound in quarter-morocco with hand-made paper covered boards, signed and numbered and "trade editions" bound in full Brillianta (100% rayon) cloth. All slipcased, with gold foil-stamped endpapers, etc.--the way Dennis does all his books, even trade eds. of a couple thousand copies. The prices are $125 for the signed/limited and $35 for the "trade." Not cheap, but then, you can't get this stuff anywhere else.

Address: Dennis McMillan,11431 E. Gunsmith Dr., Tucson, AZ 85749.
Telephone: (520) 760-8642.
E-mail: (and say "Hi!" from me!)

The Do-Not Press
Founded in October 1994 by rock music journalist and promoter, Jim Driver, Britain's The Do-Not Press claim they exist "to put the pub back into publishing and the friction back in to fiction. We scorn true romances, we sneer at royal biographies and we laugh at just about anything...Our slogan is: We don't need slogans. Or do we?" Home of the acclaimed Bloodlines imprint, they publish many of the best of the current BritWave of hardboiled fiction, including Maxim Jakubowski, Mike Ripley, Ken Bruen, Jerry Raine and Gary Lovisi (Hey, wait! He's a Yank, isn't he? How'd he get there?) as well as republishing out-of-print modern classics.

Address: The Do-Not Press, PO Box 4215, London, U.K. SE23 2QD

Doubleday Perfect Crime

E.M. Press

Fawcett Books

Five Star Mystery Books
Five Star, a small imprint based in Waterville, Maine, is doing a nice job of releasing original titles, paperback reprints, and also short story collections. They do mystery, romance, western and even Christian fiction, but have really distinguished themselves with their offbeat noir novels. Originally published in conjunction with Tekno-Books (aka. Martin H. Greenberg) and Ed Gorman. They generally sell to libraries. Recent authors published include Donald Westlake, Max Allan Collins, Bill Pronzini, Paul Bishop, Lawrence Block, Jay Brandon, Thomas Cook, Barbara D'Amato, William DeAndrea, Loren Estleman, Evan Hunter, Stuart Kaminksy, Dick LochteJohn Lutz, Lia Matera, Ed McBain, Marica Muller, William Nolan, Maxine O'Callaghan, and James Reasoner.

The non-sci-fi imprint of Tom Doherty Associates.

G.P. Putnam's Sons

Gallimard Canada
North American, French-language distributor for Gallimard France and other French publishing houses.

Grosset Books

Gryphon Publications
Gary Lovisi's Gryphon publishes contemporary pulp stories in its quarterly Hardboiled Magazine, as well as selected reprints in Hardboiled Magazine and Gryphon Doubles.
Gryphon Publications
Post Office Box 209
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Harcourt, Brace and Co.

Hard Case Crime
Hard Case Crime, a collaboration between Winterfall LLC and Dorchester Publishing, has a mission: to bring back "the vigor and excitement, the suspense and thrills - the sheer entertainment - of the golden age of paperback crime novels, both by bringing back into print the best work of the pulp era and by introducing readers to new work by some of today's most powerful writers and artists. Determined detectives and dangerous women...fortune hunters and vengeance seekers...ingenious criminals and men on the run for their lives...Hard Case Crime novels offer everything you want from a great story, all in handsome and affordable mass-market editions." Their first six release incliude a great mix of resurrected too-long-out-of-print classics by Lawrence Block, Max Allan Collins and Earl Stanley Gardner and original novels by promising newcomers, including Hard Case Crime co-creator (along with Max Phillips) Charles Ardai.

Stop snickering! Although now known as the publishers of a about a zillion pulp romance titles, this Canadian publishing dynasty, founded back in 1949 by Richard H.G. Bonneycastle, started as a publisher of a wide variety of genres, including mystery, western, science fiction, sports, adventure, cookbooks, nonfiction and even "literature," as well as, of course, romance. Among the private eye and crime authors they published were Wade Miller, Robert Leslie Bellem, Harry Whittington, Frank Kane, Ronald Cooke, James Hadley Chase, Day Keene, Cleve Adams, David Montrose, Robert O. Saber and David Goodis.

In fact, through the years they've continue to publish a vast array of crime fiction, under a variety of imprints, including Raven House, Worldwide Mystery and Intrigue. Among current writers to watch is Joyce Sullivan, a former private eye herself.

In 2009, to celebrate the company's 60th anniversary (and no doubt inspired by
Hard Case Crime's staggering success), Harlequin reissued six of their early crime thrillers, complete with their early, cheesy, pulpy covers.

Hard Shell Word Factory
An online publisher of genre fiction offers electronic books available as downloads or disks-in-the-mail, in .pdf or .rtf format and a fast, easy, and secure payment form.

Harper Paperbacks

House of Stratus
Now under new ownership, Stratus is beginning to flourish, expanding both it's backlist and publishing some new titles. Crime and detective novels feature strongly in their catalogue, from the more famous names like Conan Doyle, Erle Stanley Gardner, G.K. Chesterton, and Georgette Heyer to the less well known, such as Desmond Bagley, Julian Symons, Sam Llewellyn, and Freeman Wills Crofts.

House of Stratus LTD,
Thirsk Industrial Park,
York Road,
Thirsk, North Yorkshire,
YO7 3BQ.
Tel: 01845 527700

Dig the hype! They bill themselves as "your source for ebooks" and as "the first simultaneous publisher of books in printed form and on the Internet." And they're distributed by Simon & Schuster. They also offer plenty of free excerpts, and you'll be ablre to download whole books. Sounds good, huh? Now dig this: this kick-ass new imprint's first offerings include Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe and reprints of Roger Simon's Moses Wine series.

Insomniac Press
Small, indy Canadian publisher, out of Toronto, tends to print non-fiction, but has lately delved into edgier and even noir fiction, most notably with the pubication of Iced: The Noir Noir Anthology of Cold, Hard Fiction, which includes my first ever published fiction, plus some kick ass stories by real writers. God bless these guys. I urge you all to buy multiple copies of all their books. What? You don't have a copy of Iced yet, for the guest bathroom?

For review copies, interviews or publicity information, please contact Dara Row land at Rowland Firing Public Relations at (416) 916-7377 or email

Insomniac Press
192 Spadina Aye., Suite 403 . Toronto. Ontario. Canada. M5T 2C2
Phone (416) 504-6270
Fax (416) 504-9313

Intrigue Press
A small New Mexican mystery publisher, devoted to their authors, including Connie Shelton, who writes about Albuquerque CPA/P.I. Charlie Parker.

Intrigue Press
PO Box 456
Angel Fire, NM
To order: 1-800-99-MYSTERY bills itself as "a new kind of book publisher, working "with our authors to publish and sell their books." Actually, they were just a new spin on an old idea, a high-tech version of a vanity press, and a key player in the burgeoning field of print-on-demand. By harnessing technology and the power of the web, and the connections to big dogs like Barnes & Noble, Writers Digest, Writers Club and Authors Guild, these guys are in the position of actually delivering the goods the way no shady fly-by-night vanity press ever could.

For a few hundred bucks (the ultimate price depends on which options you choose), they'll publish your new book, provide a cover design, book design, an author's Web page, and make sure it's available for order wherever fine books are sold. If you have an out-of-print book there is no charge for bringing the title back to the active lists. You can even update your work: give it a new introduction, revise it, make it even better than before.

iUniverse authors include Richard Helms' whose first Pat Gallegher novel was published by them, Miles Archer, the author of the hard-boiled Doug McCool series, Colin Dunne and Brian Bain. Cyber-buddy D.L. Browne maintains a site/community, Wicked Company, for struggling authors from iUniverse and elsewhere.

John Brown Books

Kensington Publishing Corp (Kensington, Pinnacle and Zebra)

Library of America
The Library of America publishes high-quality, clothbound collections of the works of American writers. Four volumes of special interest to visitors to this site, including Stories and Early Novels and Later Novels and Other Writings, both by Raymond Chandler (nearly all his work is contained in these two volumes). The other two volumes, published in mid-1997, are collections of American Crime novels. American Noir of the 1930s and 40s contains classic novels by James M. Cain, Horace McCoy, Edward Anderson, Kenneth Fearing, William Lindsay Gresham and Cornell Woolrich, and American Noir of the 1950s rounds out the collection with Jim Thompson's The Killer Inside Me and Chester Himes' The Real Cool Killers, as well as novels by Patricia Highsmith, Charles Willeford, David Goodis.

Little Brown & Co

Midnight Ink
This new imprint of Llewellyn Publications has a catchy tagline: "It's always midnight somewhere." Their impressive starting roster includes Clyde W. Ford, whose The Long Mile is already generating some buzz.

Mysterious Press

Mystery Vault
Mystery Vault, out of Sarasota, Florida (editor-in-chief Stuart Kaminsky's homebase) specializes in out-of-print classics and contemporary mystery novels. Their offerings include new paperbacks, difficult to obtain backlist books, and books which have never before appeared in paperback form. "We're dedicated to bringing out the best mystery novels by masters of the art," Kaminsky says. "These are new editions with new art and often with introductions by the author or a renown author."

Authors include authors including Donald Westlake, Max Allan Collins, Dorothy Salisbury Davis, Bill Pronzini, Ed Gorman, Tom Chastain, Rex Burns and Kaminsky himself.

Mystery Vault, Inc.
2621 Mall Drive
Sarasota, Florida 34231

No Exit Press
One of the best publishers of crime fiction in Britain, or anywhere else. They handle many of the best British and European writers, as well as many of the top American, including Jakob Ajourni, Gary Phillips, James Sallis, Lawrence Block, Eddie Bunker, Daniel Woodrell, Charles Willeford and Arthur Lyons. Also responsible for reprinting some of the long-lost greats, most notably the Jonathan Latimer Bill Crane novels, and Wade Miller's Max Thursday series. Check out their Drop Dead price promotion which offers 4 books for UKP 10, or 2.99 each. Quite a few of No Exit's book are out of print in the US, so they're worth checking out even for readers outside the UK.

Old School Books
A small American press, devoted to Black-American authors, including some hard-to-find crime classics, especially several of Chester Himes books.

Ohio State University Press

Oxford University Press
Publishers of The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories, among others. Other URLS are and



Penguin Putnam
Includes Viking, Berkley, Dutton, Plume, Signet, NAL, Donald I. Fine, Tarcher, PSS, Ace, Grosset & Dunlap, Dial, DAW, Roc, Onyx

Picardy Press

Poisoned Pen Press
Robert Rosenwald's small press specializes in out-of-print titles, as well as originals and reference books. A fan favourite, run by and for mystery fans. They even ask for suggestions as to which out-of-print classics they should tackle next!

Putnam Berkley Publishing Group

Random House

Random House/Ballantine Mysteries
Be sure to check out Murder on the Internet, Random House's online peek at their extensive mystery catalogue, complete with author bios, upcoming releases and indepth interviews.

Red 71 Press
Best-selling crime writer and attorney Andrew Vachss, who writes the Burke series, recently ponied up money, as did some of his friends in the publishing business, to form this new publishing company. The name of the company comes from the title of a story by Paul Cain, who wrote hard-hitting, hard-boiled stories for the pulp magazines. Vachss has stated that he formed the press to help get into print neglected writers and books that are overlooked by the big-name publishers.

The Rue Morgue Press
Specializes in reprints of classic mysteries. Catalog available entitled "For Old Crimes Sake."
Run by Tom and Enid Schantz, this Boulder, colorado-based press specializes in reprints of classic mysteries. Catalog available entitled "For Old Crimes Sake."

Rue Morgue Press
PO Box 4119, Boulder CO 80306-4119 USA
Phone: 1-303-443-5757, Fax: 1-303-443-4010.

St. Martin's Press
One of the larger publishers of private eye and genre fiction, it includes the Tor, Let's Go, Stonewall, Picador and Griffin imprints, and has close ties to The Private Eye Writers of America. You might also try Murder at the Flatiron Building, a newsletter featuring its upcoming mystery publications.

Scorpion Press

Serie Noir
Extremely influential and long-running French publisher, responsible for keeping alive the careers of many American crime writers long-forgotten in their own country, as well as one of the main publishers of French hard-boiled and noir fiction.

Serpent's Tail
Under its Mask Noir Imprint, this U.K. firm publishes British writers, such as Stella Duffy, Nicholas Blincoe, Graeme Gordon, Ken Bruen, Russell James and Derek Raymond, as well as various foreign writers, including Walter Mosley, George P. Pelecanos and Manuel Vazquez Montalban. Under its Midnight Hour imprint, it reprints classic hardboiled works by authors such as Horace McCoy and others.

Publishes work that has been seen as a direct confrontation with the prevailing 'cosy' view that dominates the British crime fiction scene. The writers Mask Noir publishes have in common the belief that crime fiction must capture the often random violence of contemporary society. P D James' recent claim that the middle-classes are the subject of crime fiction because only they are able to make moral choices is typical of the class bias that has dominated British crime writing. New crime writers are coming forward to chronicle a society riven by class, gender and race conflicts.

"Mask Noir has done an immense service to crime fiction in Britain, both in introducing foreign writers and giving fresh blood a chance. For Mosley, Abella, Blincoe, Duffy and all the other new dogs in the reservoir, we owe you one!"
-Mike Ripley, Crime Critic, The Daily Telegraph.

Simon & Schuster

Spinster's Ink

Stark House Press
Stark House Press is a small house that reprints of some of the best in pulp fiction: fantasy, supernatural fiction, mystery and suspense, usually in trade paperback editions that sport new intros, bibliographies and combine two books in one volume. Among those of interest to crime and mystery buffs who've received the Stark House treatment are Elisabeth Sanxay Holding, Peter Rabe, Vin Packer, Douglas Sanderson, Malcolm Braly, Benjamin Appel, Gil Brewe, Day Keene, Stephen Marlowe, Margaret Millar, Robert J. Randisi and Harry Whittington.

Tanner Long Press, Inc.

Tattered Pages Press
A small press, specializing in reprints of old pulp stories, including works by Hugh B. Cave and Donald Wandrei.
Tattered Pages Press
6942 North Oleander Ave.

Chicago, IL

Times Books

Tom Doherty Associates
Publishers of Tor, Forge and Orb Books. Forge is the non-sci-fi imprint that publishes mysteries.

An upstart publisher dedicated to, um, something or another. A labour of love out of Los Angeles, run by Tom Fassbender and Jim Pascoe, that specialized in "storytelling and creating written entertainment for a multitude of media." Pascoe and Fassbender were also collectively known as Dashiell Loveless, the creator of retro private eye Benjamin Drake. These cats did great-looking books.

University of California Press

University of Oklahoma Press

University of Texas Press


Vintage Books

Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
Paperback wing of Vintage Books, devoted to classic reprints of some of the very best in hardboiled fiction.

Warner Books

Write Way Publishing Inc.

Yale University Press

Yellow Tulip Press

Please note: Web addresses change, so please don't hold us accountable if you try one of these and the link is gone, that's just TWTW (The Way of The Web). But, if a link is dead, please let us know!

Audio Books

Isis Publishing
One of the largest publishers of unabridged audio books in the world. Their backlist (along with their sister imprint, Soundings Audio Books) contains over 4,000 titles on cassette and CD (including a very high proportion of crime novels). Among their authors, they publish Jeffery Deaver, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, Val McDermid, Greg Iles, George Pelecanos, Lindsay Davis, Ian Rankin, Lee Child, Lawrence Block, Robert Wilson, Ed McBain, John Connolly, Janet Evanovich, Michael Connelly, Linda Fairstein, Sue Grafton, Quintin Jardine, Laura Lippman, Elmore Leonard, Sara Paretsky, Mickey Spillane, Stephen Saylor, Michael Malone, Reginald Hill, and Dennis Lehane.

Original compilation by Rick Robinson. Further reporting by Kevin Burton Smith, but of course it's still woefully out of date. If anyone wants to update this for us, we won't say "no."

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